Progressive car insurance gives a special discount to the drivers, who qualify in a number of areas, from the mileage to the unique snapshot programs. In the progress insurance, the driver can save in several ways.

Earn Accident Forgiveness
every driver has a progressive customer for the four consecutive years, the driver can get the margin in accident forgiveness. If they complete three years without doing an accident the actual meaning of accident forgiveness is that your car insurance rate is not increased, if you are involved in an accident after three years without a claim.

If you are at fault, you will receive any payment, which is necessary after committed the accident. The accident will not be counted against you by progressive, it means your policy procedure will not be altered in any case unless you are involved in a second collision.

Discount for Paying in Full

The driver also gets the discount on the progressive car insurance, who pay their policy premium and lump sum amount once in a year. The driver can set up the payment plans, so you can pay your premium a little too every month. It will help to reduce the burden. After paying the policy off at once, you will earn a substantial discount. The monthly payment may include the processing fees that are not added annual premium payment, which can help us to save more money. You can also enjoy the freedom that your car insurance has been paid for the whole year
Electronic Signing Discount

Those drivers who sign up with the progressive car insurance, via an online portal get a special discount by using an electronic signature. The company of progressive is liked to offer insurance via internet process. The company encourages the drivers to take advantage of it and enjoy the convenience of online car insurance and signing process when you purchase the new policy.


The E signing process is more convenient for the customers and attracts more customers to the benefits of the online car insurance policies, So in this way, new drivers can save $50 instantly submit on the car submission documents by utilising the progressive car insurance website. The car document form filling process is also faster when the documents are submitted digitally.

 Get discount on ownership:

Those people who have own home, apartment and condominium are eligible for certain discounts through progressive car insurance. The discounts are also available for the house owner because people have own house and more responsible for their belonging.  The stability of home procession offers the lifestyle that added the habits of safe driving. The car insurance company feels more confident that it lowers the risk of an accident because the driver owns home being involved in a car accident. It potentially reduces the risk of saving money for an insurance company, which shares with the driver and get special homeowner discount.

Low Mileage Discounts

The drivers also get eth low mileage discount, those drivers who do not travel many miles during a year. If you are working near the workplace, take advantage of the transportation or choose to walk, so you can easily qualify for a discount.
The driving for the few miles provides the dual benefit for car and driver. The car will face less wear and tear if you do not drive many miles a day, so you less likely involved in an accident. Both of the benefits can lead to a discount on the car insurance rate.

The Snapshot Program

Progressive insurance company offers unique programs, when you sign up for the unique snapshot programs, progressive send a small sensor that attaches to the vehicle, the sensor keeps the track record of driving habits the driving habits and transmit back to progressive.

If you have good defensive driving habits, your insurance rate substantially reduced. If you have chosen the snapshot program, you can also log in progressive website to see latest during the report and how it affects your insurance rate, a snapshot is a voluntary option.

Discounts for Good Grades

Progressive car insurance also rewards for academic excellence. Those students who posted B average of every semester of high school and college, qualify for the low insurance rate and send proof progressive after each term and continue to qualify for the student discount. This discount is given on academic achievement.

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