When you get into an accident, Aflac the expenses are not involved for the coverage. The damage to your vehicle will be come under the collision coverage the damage for the private property can be paid for, there are still many others expenses, that you can easily paying you out from your own pocket. AFLAC accident insurance is designed to take care of all the little problems.

Cash Payments

 The company typically pay the insured party after an accident, rather than watching all the payment head out to the doctors, hospital and others agencies. You will actually receive a check in an E- mail. The funds can used for. The payment is directly goes to another third party and the health care provider.

Lost Wages

 When you cause an accident and you are not able to work. The lost wages can become the serious problems for you. The auto insurance won’t cover the wages. The short term disability would not cover them, wither you have accident insurance, the AFLAC will provide you with the cash, you need to make up for that missing pay check.

Broken Teeth

 If your teeth are broken in the accident, you will be surprised to know that dental expenditures are not always covered by insurance. The auto insurance and health insurance companies may specially state, that they would not cover the dental problems, fortunately, the Aflac company will pay get your teeth fixed

Emergency Transportation

 Mostly the health insurance don’t cover the emergency transportation, and neither does your insurance company, the accident of the insurance will take care of the expense, which will easily cost a thousand of dollars.

Emergency Room

 The medical plans are not ready to cover the emergency room expenses. They usually bill the portion of it, against your deductible, leave to scramble you and not like to spend a thousand of dollars. AFLC will provide you the insurance. It can provide you cash. You should not worry about the cash and paying the bills.

Miscellaneous Medical Expenses:

Even after the doctor appointment, you still have many expenses to be paid. You might have bandages to keep your cut covered or protect the burns and many pain killer over the counter. When the prescription is given in your hands. AFLAC can help to cover these expenses to save your life.


Aflac Car Accident Insurance


The insurance payments of the AFLAC are considered taxable income, it does not depend on them how you paid for them. If you pay for the premium with the pre-tax dollars, then the full amount will be taxable. If your employers pay for the part pf premium than an equal percentage of proceed will be taxable. If you pay for the benefits of your own using Post tax funds than the insurance payment will be tax free.

Different Polices

AFLC offers the different policies, you can get coverage for the critical care treatment, hospital and ICU stays and life insurance coverage. It is very important to note, that one single AFLAC policy will not give full coverage. The hospital confinement policy will not cover you in any case for an auto accident. The people must also purchase the accident insurance in order to protect to you and your family after an accident. Save your life with AFLAC.

Coverage Levels

 The level of the coverage depends upon the plan that is selected by an employer. The coverage are based on the overall groups and a single individual is not allowed to make any changes to these levels.

Customer Service Agents

 AFLAC also have the customer service agent, that are available between the 8.am to 5: P:M according to the eastern time. The agents are fully trained and able to answer the questions, you may have, help to make you changes in the personal information and assist you to decide to cancel the policy and further continue it. AFLAC has the high rates for being the solid company that is financially very sound. They are able to meet the obligation and the accident insurance policies provide you help after the accident. There are always expenses, which are not covered by the auto or the health insurance. The accident insurance provides you full fund when you need it.

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