Mercury car insurance offers special discounts programs to facilitate the customers, who qualify for the insurance. If you are engaged in the safe driving and excellent student, you can reduce your insurance payments and take advantage of these discounts.

Safe Driving Record

Those drivers who avoid accidents or violation are awarded with good discounts through mercury car insurance. If you can maintain the safe driving record consecutively for three years, you can easily qualify for the discount.  If you are a mercury customer for the three consecutive years, be ready to receive a safe driving discount. The longer your driving record is safe. You can save more on the insurance cost. The discount remains in place if you are involved in an accident that is the fault of the other driver.

Multiple Car Discount


There are many drivers, who live in the household and two or three people who drive their own cars. If you currently reside with the other drivers, who buy their own insurance, you can qualify for the mercury discount. The discount is applicable for those people, who claim to live in the same residence as their primary home. It must be related to adoption. Spouses, children, marriages, and cousins, can get substantial discounts on their insurance rates.


Professional Associations

Mercury makes the affiliation with the different professional association. If you are a member of these organization, you can get the discount on your car insurance rates. The local mercury representative gives a detailed list of the association in your area. You can also qualify for the discount based on the place of employment or the regular shopping places. You can discuss with your mercury representative to get more information and how much you can save on your car insurance rates. It is based on the professional association in the community.

Anti-Theft Auto Protection

Auto theft is a big issue for the insurance company. The more you do to protect your car from the theft or vandalism, the more you can save on the insurance car. If your car is stolen, the company may have to reimburse the entire cost of the car. The thief usually makes more damage to the insurance company. The insurance company need to cover the repair cost. The complex digital camera or wheel lock can help you from the deter thieves, which saves you from the car stolen and save money from insurance too.

Getting Good Grades

The higher school and college students mostly pay higher insurance rates rather than the other demographic people. If you fall into the category, you can reduce the rates by doing a driving course. On the other side, students can also main a good academic record and are consistent in B grades. The youngsters can show a copy of the report to the mercury insurance company and enjoy the discount. The students who are over the age of 25, can apply for this discount. If you are at the age of 16, you are not able to qualify for this discount,

Low Annual Mileage

If you make the less driving, you can come across the lower accidents. The fewer driving also estimates eliminates the wear and tear condition on your vehicle. These aspects give low annual mileage coverage. It is also easy for the mercury to offer special discounts for drivers, who drive more often. You can talk to the mercury about the specific mileage that determines what kind of discount you qualify for. You can alternative transport for a daily commute.

Lump-Sum Payment

If you are managed to pay our entire car insurance premium at one time. You can save a great deal on your insurance payments. You can save 15% off on paying a lump sum amount rather than you pay the amount on a monthly basis. The discount is applied instantly as soon as you make payment. The mercury can allow the annual payment that they cut down the amount of time and effort need to maintain an account is billed on a monthly basis. annual payment also gives the guarantee that policy is always up to date.

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