Allstate has a very recognized status in the insurance provider in the United States. The well-known company provides coverage to over 17 million households across the nation. The website of all state claims that they insure one of our nine cars in the USA. the company is not only providing the car insurance services to the Americans more than 80 years, but the company also earned a reputation for being an outstanding and being the honest and fair insurance company to its vast customer base. Additionally to the advantage listed above. All state auto insurance is a unique option for customers. It is known as an auto insurance program. The company offers affordable plans and rewards for safe driving. If you want to know more about all state auto insurance and your choice auto programs.

Your choice auto program from all states offers the unique plans options including the value standard, platinum and gold. Each of these plans has own characteristics feature. As you may have already guessed, those who tend to get in a lot of accidents the might want to consider to choose the PLATINUM PLAN because this option keeps your insurance at the low rate. If they are found to be at fault.

Let’s review the four plan options:

 Platinum plan:

The platinum plan offers the five per cent discount off on your Car insurance rates for every six months. That you are accident-free (if you save 10% per year on this option. The impressive option by all-state. The platinum plan is the deductible reward. When you open a policy, you will get a $100 discount off on your deductible. The deductible rewards for the maximum saving account is $500.

Gold plan:

The Gold plan offers the accident forgiveness for the single accident, it means this option is ideal for those, who have not high risks driver. The gold plan policyholders that their rate will not go up, even if they are involved in an accident even if their fault. If people consider the fact that most insurance provider can raise the premium by at least 40% as a result of an accident. The Gold plan offers identical deductible rewards programs just as the platinum program. The plan also allows individuals to enrol in the program. It is known as a “new car replacement plan. The plan allows you to get a new car (same car or the similar in the event that it is totalled in an accident.

Standard plan:

The standard plan gives the option to the policymakers to get enrolled in the accident forgiveness plan. if they held a policy at least for five years. The people must complete the eligibility requirements and meet the other requirements.

Value Plan:

The value plan does not provide policyholders additional options and facilitated with rewards and options.


If you want to consider this option, the Allstate agency provides an interactive car along with the insurance guide that takes through to determine, which option will meet your need to know the year the making and model of each car. That will be included in the policy, attach the copy of the current insurance policy, details of the traffic violations, and accident dates of the driver, which will be included in the policy and the DLN for each driver in the policy.

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